Supper Club | Book a Chef

Food iOS App (Personal Project)

Supper Club is an app concept for booking a personal chef to come to your home for dinner gatherings or parties with family and friends. The intention of the app is to conveniently create an enjoyable and memorable dining experience at home.

Main Tasks & Features

  • Search chefs nearest you
  • Search by cuisines
  • Search by date/time for availability
  • Specify number of people
  • Specify dietary restrictions
  • Sort chef results based on reviews
  • Splitting cost with guests
  • Leaving a review after meal

Booking a Personal Chef User Flow


Splash Screen


Book a Chef


Available Chef Results


Chef Details


Confirm Details


Request Sent

MVP Plans

The MVP of the app would have two main user flows: one for the chef and one for the host.

The most essential tasks that should be included in the MVP for the host should be:

  • Searching for a chef that would travel to them based on their address, date/time, number of guests, and cuisine/diet preferences.
  • The first iteration could include messaging the chef to determine dish varieties and number of each for the number of guests, and the feature could be built out later to specify the amount of dishes for certain guests, including those with dietary restrictions.

The most essential tasks that should be included in the MVP for the chef should be:

  • Ability to view, reject, and accept bookings.
  • Messaging to help hosts do a lot of direct planning with the chef. The messaging could also help surface future features that could be built in for hosts to select directly through the app as opposed to through messaging.

Future Considerations

Features that can come later include:

  • Being able to sort by ratings or price per guest. We’ll need to collect enough customer reviews to even begin sorting by ratings.
  • Bookmarking chefs so hosts save their favorite chefs and easily find the ones they've booked in the past for when they’d like to book again. 
  • Splitting the cost with guests.