SeedInvest Web Design

Equity Crowdfunding

This is a website redesign concept for an NYC based startup called SeedInvest. SeedInvest is special among other startup investing companies because they are particular about who they present on their platform - selecting only those startups which meet a certain criteria. And they also make it very easy for investors to start their endeavor of investing, and to keep track of everything on the SeedInvest platform.


First, startups begin with a big idea. I considered how a lot of great ideas start on the back of a napkin, when you may not even be intently trying to track something down at that moment. Some reference usually just sporadically sparks an idea. Then I thought about something really simple and pure: a paper airplane. It represented all of the ideas of a startup to me. Specifically, it represented a startup investing company like SeedInvest. Seeing a paper airplane connects to people in a lot of ways. You think of childhood, you think of early ideas, you think of simplicity - and you think of experimentation. Paper airplanes don't just come in one form, and there certainly isn't just one right way of creating them.