AT&T + FIFA World Cup 2018 Microsite

Event Drupal Template

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia was a great opportunity for AT&T to feature special content to its portal user base and gain significant traffic. Because we had a short timeline to build a dedicated place for the content, we branched outside of our normal portal framework and turned to Drupal as an option. We were able to take advantage of the tool's efficiency for a quick turnaround while still being able to connect to our portal in order to lead our users to the special event page. Drupal proved to be a great option for development that was less daunting and time consuming, and had more flexibility for creativity. For something that had a short-lived presence but needed to presented in a special way, it proved to be successful without too much engineering effort.

We also leveraged our existing STATS partnership from the portal to surface the World Cup standings directly into the microsite. With a little custom CSS, the STATS tables integrated very well into the site. The World Cup site received 1.2 million page views, which also resulted in a 50% profit in DIRECTV upsells.