AT&T ( Mobile Optimizations

During my time at Synacor, I worked as the lead UX designer for the AT&T portal product. I supported all design for our team to get us to our big launch. Since its inception, I helped optimize the portal, facilitated and conceptualized its growth and improvements in regards to design and user experience, and I became knowledgeable about its limitations but also how much potential it has. These are a selection of mobile projects that have had significant impact on engagement and monetization for

A bug on the way the original mobile videos played led us to reconsider the entire video experience on mobile. The launch of this new modal experience significantly boosted video engagement on mobile (by more than 50%) and proved to encourage users to watch more and more videos through the new playlist feature. This also led AT&T to be interested in creating a more video centric content focus.

Mobile Homepage Redesign

One of the biggest projects for was the redesign of the mobile homepage. Like a traditional news portal, the original homepage had a vertical stacking of stories with no sense of categorization or hierarchy. The new homepage has organized sections that break up the monotony of the vertical stream and create a more visually engaging experience that help highlight new highly credible content providers or special / trending stories for our users. When users take more notice of these stories, it leads them to read even more related stories to their interests. This redesign also shaped how we planned to rebuild the rest of the pages on mobile as well as how we wanted to translate the ideas to desktop.

Marvel Protoype

Mobile Header + Menu

Adding horizontal navigation to mobile helped increase engagement with other verticals so that users were digging deeper into the portal rather than staying only on the homepage or clicking straight into email. The launch of the new mobile navigation resulted in a 41% WoW lift in content vertical page views and a 13% increase in article page views. This success led to an interest in a horizontal navigation for the desktop experience as well to encourage users to visit our verticals.

Marvel Prototype