Lifestyle + Tastemade Vertical (In Progress)

An AT&T partnership with Hearst publications, including magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire, Women’s Health, HGTV Magazine, etc., led to an initiative to design a more engaging section on the portal that would showcase the new lifestyle catered content. AT&T had also signed a partnership with Tastemade to deliver a custom vertical that would feature their cooking video content. With these new business opportunities in place, the client wanted us to explore ways of highlighting the new specific types of content by using larger imagery and categorization to help users easily discover stories that they might be interested in.

Exploring Different Layouts

I started off this project by researching different types of lifestyle websites specifically to get an idea of how to feature this new content. Using high quality larger imagery was not something we were currently doing on the portal. Part of the reason for this was the concern over load time on a dated framework that wouldn’t be able to handle the better quality photos. On our other verticals such as News, Finance, and Entertainment, we followed the same treatment that we did on the homepage, which was an infinite stream of small thumbnail images next to a headline and short summary. We wanted to try a different approach for this new lifestyle section that we could potentially adopt for other parts of the portal as well, and we had to look into different technologies to build it. As the engineers thought through solutions to support a new layout and larger imagery, I explored and wireframed several types of layouts that would highlight the different topics that we would be getting from our new publishers.