Hello, my name is Anie Ajamian and I am a UI/UX and Visual Designer based in Los Angeles, CA.

I enjoy solving problems with design and producing seamless experiences with a purpose.

I started out as a graphic designer in Los Angeles with a focus on web design and marketing. I recently moved back from New York City after living there for 2 years. Moving to New York City allowed me to work with several exciting startups. I've had the pleasure of building brand identities that tell memorable stories and designing websites, apps and software with intuitive and creative functionality. These opportunities have led me to have a strong interest in UI/UX design, working through user flows, and creating innovative experiences. I personally appreciate it when I come across great designs that are intuitive and thoughtfully done, so I would want the same effect on others when they see my work.

Please feel free to contact me for new business propositions or just to say hello.

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